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GoogleMyBusiness Mobile Optimisation in 2018

The advancement of new mobile technology has caused research and development fields to progress in location-based services with the expansion of new business opportunities and technological progression.

The Locations Based Optimization:

The location-aware technology is a wireless communication system using navigational tools to store network distribution and location information. It is an element of “presence technology” that provides information about a tool’s physical location to other users and applications. Location awareness is mostly targeted to mobile communication appliances and website platforms to detect a user’s whereabouts.

Location-aware applies to real-time locating , supported by global, regional and local measures of location detection. This device reinforces navigation systems, positioning arrangements and locating services.

Google My Business :

Location can be calculated by classifying assorted qualities of GPS satellite tracking, cellular tower triangulation, and Wi-Fi networks. These devices are flourishing in high-tech industries and are used for cellular phones, game elements on hand held systems, digital cameras, social-networking services, photo-sharing websites, and various hardware and software applications.

An exceeding example of this platform is Foursquare™, a location-based social networking website that allows subscribed members to connect with friends and update their location. Foursquare™ uses multiple applications such as iPhone, Android, webOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 to track down user locations with the GPS system on their device. As of June 2010, Foursquare™ has accumulated a total of 1.3 million members as of last year and is currently being pursued by Yahoo! Inc.

PinpointsX® is also a recent cellular application and dating social networking platform allowing users to interact with others on a location-based map, supporting multiple OS systems such as the iPhone and Android. This mobile application uses positioning technologies, such as GPS, Wi-Fi, CellId and intuitive positioning, and provides a real-time and secure communication. PinpointsX®- Ltd’s unique business-model and technology extends and provides interaction between mobile to mobile, mobile to web, web to mobile and web to web to allow users to engage in various dynamic positioning technologies.


New Technology :

Loopt® is a cellular-phone based GPS sharing system, enabling users to conceptualize one another and share information on a map on their mobile phones. This software provides real-time location updating through OS4.0 on the iPhone and Blackberry, and uses geosocial-networking services to locate the user’s contacts on their GPS device.

While location awareness is spreading in various communication appliances, concerns regarding security have been raised by the public. The IETF and other privacy enhancing technologies are maintaining protection and exploring other methods of ensuring users of their confidentiality and contravenes the misuse of location information. These techniques establish and endorse the continuation of the location-aware platform to further expand in alternative industries.

Or Carmeli is a content writer and support specialist who works with a location-based application and online platform for a technological start-up company.

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