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Four Reasons Your Google Site Page Ranking Is Unstable

Have you ever wondered why your Google site page ranking keeps changing despite putting down all the SEO strategies to ensure that it tops the ranking? SEO can at time be very frustrating and if you don’t check into the problem you may end up disappointed. Today your website can be on the first page of Google ranking and you may be delighted at how you SEO prowess has made it. Motivated by your SEO prowess, you conducted the same search two days later and found that your website page is on the third page of the Google ranking and you are wondering what could have gone wrong.

The following four issues are among the most common reasons why your Google site page ranking is unstable. Take a look at them and make the necessary adjustments where possible if you have to maintain a stable Google page ranking.

Keyword Mapping

Keyword mapping is the hierarchical classification of the keywords relevant to your website by intent, relevance, and importance then dividing them into groups and subgroups. The aim of keyword mapping is to reach a point where each keyword you use can be associated with a specific single page on your site and which should have content that closely matches your keyword. If you have not done this process, then your page rankings are more likely to be unstable.  A restructure of your pages and content mapped with keywords will help save this ranking checker

Poor Internal Linking

There are various ways in which poor internal linking can destabilize how search engines rank your pages. This can include creating links to pages that cannot be accessed without filling a form. If your website is suffering from unstable page ranking, you should check that your internal links to pages are not broken or are linked to pages that cannot be crawled.

Your Hosting Server is not Serving you Well

Generally, search engine spiders often try to access your site each day. If they try to access your site at a time when your hosting servers are down, then the attempt will fail and if this happens frequently, then your site will be flagged as unreliable and this will definitely affect your Google page ranking. Always ensure that your host server is working well and the page loading speed is good.

Changing Your Website Content

While changing your website content may be a good idea, changing them so much will not help it rank well on the Google page ranking. It is good to refresh and update your web page contents, but making changes all at once will affect your ranking stability.


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