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Top Five Online Marketing Guide For Newbies

Being a novice in the online marketing does not mean you are behind the pack. Almost everybody with the desire to learn about online marketing can pick up the practice with a lot of dedication and succeed. Online marketing is fast growing and you may need to have a strong foundation with the ability to think critically, be relentlessly creative, and act independent.beginners guide to digital marketing

This is why I am writing this guide to equip you with the building blocks of online marketing and help you stay ahead in the competitive industry. Here is a comprehensive guide that will help you sail through online marketing:

Focus on Your Customers

When laying down any marketing strategy, it should start with your customer base.  Get to know who the people using your product, what they value, what they feel and the current products they are using, and what it will take you to sign them as paying customers. Before starting your online marketing, talk to your existing customers and get to know how they find about your product or service the pickup from their answers and build a strategy.

Build Your Marketing Frame Work

Now that you have known who your customers are, what they like, and what brought them to your brand, it is now time to build your marketing frame work. Every marketing plan requires that you start with the results you want to achieve. Use the right tools and add a little bit of creativity and be sure to improve the value of your marketing.

Develop Your Brand’s Story

Story telling is a powerful marketing technique that build relationships. Good stories provide big voices to small business ventures and that is why most companies take time to build stories about their products and services. Have a good written content about your product or service as it will make the marketing of those products much better.beginners guide to online marketing

Drive Traffic to Your Website

You can have one of the best web storefront or blog in the world but if you cannot get traffic to your website your business marketing strategy will fail instantly.  So what should you do?  You need to quickly think how you are going to attract more visitors to your site. You need to build up a traffic acquisition strategy. From content marketing, video marketing to paid channel advertising, you will have a wide range of traffic acquisition to choose from.

Conversion Optimization

Apart from bringing visitors to your site, you need to keep them there and also transform them from being potential customers to buying customers. Conversion optimization is therefore the process of converting new website visitors into buying customers and first time clients into repeat buyers. This is a concept that you really need to have. If you don’t have a website that is optimized for conversions, then most of your web traffic will go to waste.

I hope that by reading through this article you will have an insight of what it takes to be an online marketer. Look out for the next article that will give a detailed information on each point stated above. Good luck!!

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