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Website Optimization

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Competitive Keyword Analysis

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Increased Online Presence

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Weekly Adjustments

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Page Rank Checker

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Pay-Per-Click Services

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What Is SEO and its Benefit to Your Business?

What Is SEO and its Benefit to Your Business?

SEO, commonly referred as Search engine optimization, is a system of strategies, approaches, and practices employed to increase the number of visitors to a website by receiving a high-ranking positioning in the search results pages of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Search Engine Optimization means creating your website and written content to appear through online search engine results. Although many marketing and advertising strategies depend on you reaching out to your target audience, SEO provides you with the power to get to people when they are actively browsing out information linked to your product or service.

SEO ensures that a website is accessible to a search engine and increases the possibilities that the site will be identified by the search engine. SEO is a set of most effective techniques that webmasters and Web page producers abide by to help them achieve better positioning in search engine result.

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What Is The Importance Of SEO To Your Business?

The aim of a search engine is to present your clients with unprejudiced results that offer information they are searching from your business website as fast and as accurately as possible.

Below are some of the importance of SEO strategies to your business:


SEO Drives More Traffic to Your Business Website.

This is the foremost and most significant function of SEO. Under normal circumstances, a business will not receive more clients without the presence of heavy traffic on the business website. For your business to thrive, there must be a continuous flow of traffic into your business website hence increasing the chances of clients reaching out to you for a review of your products and services.

By maintaining high rankings on search results, SEO will ensure that any person seeking information about your products and services will quickly reach you before anyone else.


SEO Enables You To Understand Your Customers.

SEO benefits companies in the way of getting insight into the kind of customers who frequently visit your site. Through SEO, you will be able to track down valuable information about your clients, analyze them and make necessary adjustments based on actual facts from the information collected. The better you know your clients, the better the products and services you can offer to them.


SEO Will Market Your Business.

By utilizing effective SEO techniques, more traffic will be driven to your business website, and your ranking on search results will increase day by day. As a result, your business will have a credible name and more clients will visit to have a share of experience on your products or services.

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SEO is a Cheap Way of Marketing Your Business.

The ultimate goal of any business is to maximize profit. This can only be achieved when the cost of operation such as marketing and advertisements are lower than the income from the business.

SEO is an inexpensive way of marketing your business as you will not need to pay the media or advertising experts and the result is that you will save much and maximize your profits.

All said and done, SEO is not an option for any business but a necessity to any competitive business that wants to grow and maximize profit on investment. By employing better strategies, it is possible to top the rankings and improve your business credibility as well as branding.

Influencing search engines may take time, but it takes good care of your business once you begin reaching a relevant audience. If you are just starting out, it is best to be specific with your goals and seek help from experts where possible.

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The Most Effective and Popular SEO Methods

The Most Effective and Popular SEO Methods

SEO, also known as search engine optimization, is a popular method used by site owners to drive traffic to their sites from search engines such as Google. It is widely used to attract visitors to business sites hence increasing their customer base.

As the world is rapidly shifting today, SEO approaches can change within a short time, and the worst part is that you may not even realize the change and this can have adverse effects on your website ranking. It is therefore essential to stay on top of the game if you are to maintain high rankings on search results.

There are so many SEO methods you can use, but in this article, we are going to look at some of the most popular and useful SEO methods you can use to promote your website.


Applying the appropriate keywords throughout a website is probably the most crucial and efficient methods of SEO. Using the proper keywords that are based on the website’s content will help elevate the site’s ranking within the search engines. As a website proprietor, it is vital that you research on various keywords that correspond to your website’s content. Choose keywords that have been used by a few people but are highly competitive.

Once you have found some keywords you want to use, spread them on your website. This SEO technique has to be done the appropriate way because if it is carried out in the wrong manner, then it may hurt your website’s search engine ranking. Some search engines might even blacklist the site, and this implies that it will not be displayed in the search results.

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Quality Content.

An excellently written content that offers viewers value is among the best SEO methods that can be used today. High-quality content that is free of grammatical glitches, and has precise keywords once or twice in each paragraph can help a website reach the most searched pages on the search engines. Virtually every single organization prefer high-quality content on sites that do not have one.

Article marketing.

This is another method of SEO that will help you build links. It involves a process of producing an article and then putting it on article publication sites.  You can place a link back to your website someplace in the article. However, the article should only be placed on sites that have many viewers and not just old article directory. This will ensure that many people read the article and proceed to open the link that will lead them to your site and help receive better ranking position within the search engines.

Video Marketing.

This is another favorite and efficient method of SEO. In this method, you are required to create a high-quality video on a topic that your website covers. You can then place a link to the video that directs viewers back to your website. One that is done, you can now share the video to other video sharing sites and popular social sites available.


This will help the video top the ranks within search results as well as the site you are trying optimize. The more popular the video, the higher the amount of traffic it will attract and direct more people to the site hence a better ranking of your site in the search results.

Link building.

This is another SEO method that is widely used by website owners. It involves the process of sharing links to other popular site and blogs that direct viewers or readers back to one site. It is a highly valued technique that can help your site receive better rankings on the search engine results.

Several SEO methods are widely used today, but the above methods are considered the best and most effective SEO approaches that are widely used today.

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Importance Of SEO To All Kind Of Businesses

Importance Of SEO To All Kind Of Businesses

Search engine optimization” – commonly known as SEO – is almost certainly the most efficient ways to enhance product sales and the number of visitors visiting your business website. However, regardless of its undeniable significance, it is probably the most misunderstood aspects of digital marketing and advertising.

Moreover, a lot of people think that they can run a successful business website without employing SEO techniques used in the modern day. However, business moguls who understand its relevance, tend to overlook its complexity and venture into it.

The objective of a search engine is to provide your customers with unbiased results that provide information they are looking for from your business website as fast and as accurately as possible. To carry out this, search engines like Google can identify all pertinent details on the internet and rank all of them in order of quality and importance.

search optimization

So what exactly does this imply to your business? It means that if you can consistently demonstrate that your business gains more and more regarding ranking as shown by the search results, you are gaining more potential customers into your business.

The possibility of them clicking through your business websites are high, and since you have continuously been ranked top in all the search results, they will undoubtedly have confidence in you and develop the interest of getting your products.

Now that you have known how SEO works when it comes to improving your business, let us now look at some of the importance of SEO in all kinds of business you can run online:


SEO Will Increase Traffic to Your Business Website.

A business web site will not become successful without traffic. There is practically nothing more vital to the survival of your business than a consistent flow of incoming visitors to your business website. SEO operates in a personal kind of way, ensuring that any person searching for your discipline, subject matter, or even your field of expertise will quickly find out about your business before anyone else’s.

For instance, if you own a boutique and have a website when people within your neighborhood or even outside your region are looking for your products online, SEO will make sure that they quickly locate you instead of your competitor.


SEO Is A Cost-Effective Way Of Marketing.

SEO is considered the most cost-effective means of marketing as you will get the return on the business you invest on and the amount of money invested is less compared to when you use other forms of marketing and advertisement. Marketing your business via other media is costly as you will be forced to pay both the media and your marketing professional. However, with an excellent SEO approach, you should be able to market your business without paying much and dedicating nearly all of your time on a weekly basis.

Its cost-effectiveness defines a vital block in your marketing techniques. This is actually the most money and time-saving strategy to take your business further on the internet. This will also symbolize fast growth via organic traffic which will be beneficial for your business, and you will be capable of achieving your objectives in the preferred form and manner.

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SEO Will Give You An Insight Into Your Customers.

SEO is the best approach to get an insight into the type of clients you have and also the affiliated marketing efforts. You can now be familiar with the kind of viewers coming to your business website and then evaluate the whole thing and make adjustments where necessary. Get yourself in position based on the customers and make use of the information to support data concerning the buying habits of the consumers.


SEO Allows You To Stay Ahead Of Your Competitors.

SEO provides you with enough time and space to get ahead of your competitors, and this implies that you have the opportunity to either change your track or create an entirely new path. Do something different from what your competitor is doing, and you will always be able to achieve positive results.

There is also the possibility that most of your competitors are not making use of the optimization method, there, you can put yourself together and lay down strategies that will optimize your business on search results.


SEO Will Get Your Business Name Out.

By utilizing an effective SEO strategy, consumers will always flock your business site, and your standing on the Google search result will improve on a daily basis, which means you will have a credible business name and as such many other visitors will know that your business website is worth visiting.

Despite the challenges faced in regards to lack of organic keywords data and traffic, investing in SEO is much more essential today than ever. Your business, therefore, needs to have a proper SEO strategy if you intend to be successful in your online business. It stands out to be the only single most important aspect of any business and online entrepreneurship.

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GoogleMyBusiness Mobile Optimisation  in 2018

GoogleMyBusiness Mobile Optimisation in 2018

The advancement of new mobile technology has caused research and development fields to progress in location-based services with the expansion of new business opportunities and technological progression.

The Locations Based Optimization:

The location-aware technology is a wireless communication system using navigational tools to store network distribution and location information. It is an element of “presence technology” that provides information about a tool’s physical location to other users and applications. Location awareness is mostly targeted to mobile communication appliances and website platforms to detect a user’s whereabouts.

Location-aware applies to real-time locating , supported by global, regional and local measures of location detection. This device reinforces navigation systems, positioning arrangements and locating services.

Google My Business :

Location can be calculated by classifying assorted qualities of GPS satellite tracking, cellular tower triangulation, and Wi-Fi networks. These devices are flourishing in high-tech industries and are used for cellular phones, game elements on hand held systems, digital cameras, social-networking services, photo-sharing websites, and various hardware and software applications.

An exceeding example of this platform is Foursquare™, a location-based social networking website that allows subscribed members to connect with friends and update their location. Foursquare™ uses multiple applications such as iPhone, Android, webOS, Blackberry and Windows Phone 7 to track down user locations with the GPS system on their device. As of June 2010, Foursquare™ has accumulated a total of 1.3 million members as of last year and is currently being pursued by Yahoo! Inc.

PinpointsX® is also a recent cellular application and dating social networking platform allowing users to interact with others on a location-based map, supporting multiple OS systems such as the iPhone and Android. This mobile application uses positioning technologies, such as GPS, Wi-Fi, CellId and intuitive positioning, and provides a real-time and secure communication. PinpointsX®- Ltd’s unique business-model and technology extends and provides interaction between mobile to mobile, mobile to web, web to mobile and web to web to allow users to engage in various dynamic positioning technologies.


New Technology :

Loopt® is a cellular-phone based GPS sharing system, enabling users to conceptualize one another and share information on a map on their mobile phones. This software provides real-time location updating through OS4.0 on the iPhone and Blackberry, and uses geosocial-networking services to locate the user’s contacts on their GPS device.

While location awareness is spreading in various communication appliances, concerns regarding security have been raised by the public. The IETF and other privacy enhancing technologies are maintaining protection and exploring other methods of ensuring users of their confidentiality and contravenes the misuse of location information. These techniques establish and endorse the continuation of the location-aware platform to further expand in alternative industries.

Or Carmeli is a content writer and support specialist who works with a location-based application and online platform for a technological start-up company.

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How I became a film-maker after being an SEO for 14 years

How I became a film-maker after being an SEO for 14 years

For many years, I dreamed of making a film. It was always my vision, ever since I saw “Bonnie amp; Clyde” on television. I found nothing more exciting than the idea of telling a story on the big screen. All through my teen years, I floundered, though, the result of an affinity for partying hard.

PR Tips:

These years were marked by confusion and disillusion. At one point I moved to Massachusetts to try and make changes, sometimes called a ‘geographic cure’. Not much changed, but it was there my dream was renewed when, in 1986, I went to the local theatre and saw “Platoon” by Oliver Stone.

I will always be indebted to Mr. Stone for reminding me of my purpose through his work, although I’m sure that wasn’t his intent. I went home that night and worked on my first treatment (overview of a script).

It was a long time before I finally followed through on the dream. I was working at the post office, making more money than I ever had. I was miserable. My young son lived 100 miles away, I was working 50-60 hrs a week, 6 days a week, every weekend and holiday. I had seen a blurb in Rolling Stone magazine regarding a contest for a video commercial sponsored by Tommy Hilfiger.

I sat down on a break and wrote the commercial in 15 minutes, and visualized how I wanted it to play out. The time requirement was 30 to 50 seconds in length, which was very manageable. Looking back, this lesson is repeated in filmmaking. You shoot a few minutes of footage at a time, put them together, and eventually you’ll have a full-length feature film.

Marketing Strategies

I asked a friend to do cinematography and editing, with the promise of half the winnings should we win. This is another lesson: hire those who can do what you can’t. I learned how to play “America The Beautiful” on my Stratocaster, which played under the voiceover. We shot the video over a few days time, entire cost: $50 for clothing. I mean, it was a Hilfiger commercial. I thought to wear his clothes was a good idea

. My partner at the time used a CanonXL, and she had Final Cut Pro on her computer. We submitted the video on September 7th, 2001. I attended a 2-day seminar on making independent films that weekend in New York City. I came home and that Tuesday 9/11 happened, and the world turned upside down.

Filmmaking Strategies:

Like most people, I experienced a great deal of sadness. I had just been there in Manhattan over the weekend. It was surreal.

I didn’t think of much else, but it was hard not to think about our video. The theme of the commercial was “What the American flag means to me”. It was sponsored by Hilfiger when after a survey it was discovered how few Americans owned a flag. After 9/11 flags were flown all over, and a renewed sense of patriotism occurred.

We were informed by mail we won a runner-up prize of $10,000. I had a lot of mixed feelings at the time, but the lesson was obvious: creating a film was a definite possibility. I felt that our win was a sign from God, that this is what I’m supposed to be doing. And that’s where it all started.

In all, there were 30 winners in the contest out of 700 entries. Very similar odds of getting a film picked up. But from the time I wrote the commercial on that dock at the post office, I always felt we would be one of them. This is another lesson: If you don’t believe in your work, neither will anyone else. So make it your best. Stay tuned for more.

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One of the most in demand services as of today is  online marketing, particularly search engine optimization (SEO). Search Engine Marketing can bring great ROI.

When looking for a firm specialized in SEO, they all tell the same information you need and their website contains similar contents so it is very crucial to consider the best SEO firm that’s right for your needs.

The thing is, some companies can definitely deliver services faster with unique style and these companies are what you need to look out for.

Decide the Services you Need
Define the exact services you need and start figuring out the tasks required. Have a clear goal on the focus of the engagement with the possible SEO firm and make your SEO needs the center of communication with them.

Conduct Several Consultations
Call multiple service providers and compare their portfolios and from what is being provided, choose for the one that has outstanding client satisfaction.

Check Their Own SEO Performance
Check their ability to rank their own and their client’s websites. If they are able to put their sites on first page of the Google results then they should be considered and they can be the perfect fit for your SEO needs. Next move is to determine their ability to rank a website in a long-term basis, examine their capacity to sustain good results for the services they provide and their ability to set up the right keywords for your products or services.

Consider Their Website and Its Contents
Their ability to put up an impressive website gives you the impression that they can deliver excellent services, so the better and profound website they have, the more that they can provide better services. But it is also important not to be tricked by their website content. Check for everything and ask for some of links that they have worked on and take some time to verify.

Assess the Firm’s Past Experiences for the Services you Need
Conduct a research on the past services they have provided for their clients. Look for reviews over the internet and do not focus on the positive feedbacks, rather collect all the necessary reviews you can get – positive or negative.

Check Their Services and Compare it with Their Pricing
Some SEO firms give a price quote by keywords or some kind of standard pricing, if companies do this, there is a certain possibility that they are more after the income they can get from you and not on the quality of services they provide. A trusted SEO company will take time to measure your SEO needs and requirement and base the quotation from it.
Choosing the right SEO Company for your needs is very significant as you can’t afford to spend money with the wrong firm. After all, high-quality SEO delivers long-term and sustainable result for your company.

Lastly, look for a seo firm that has proven track of successful ranking results and will be able to carry out your needs beyond what you are expecting.

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